The Management of Sweat Gymnasium LLP reserves the right to refuse entry at their discretion.

Management of Sweat Gymnasium LLP reserves the right to refuse entry, if a valid Membership Card is not provided.

The views expressed by our instructors and staff are of a professional nature. However they are the opinions of that individual instructor and do not represent Sweat Gymnasium LLP as a whole.

Rules and Regulations

Workout Towel:
For hygiene reasons, your own comfort and to help protect upholstery, we would appreciate it if you used a small towel with each visit. Please note that towels are not provided.

It is important that you feel comfortable whilst exercising, therefore we recommend that supportive clothing is worn. Please also ensure that supportive training shoes are worn, as these are designed to absorb the impact of exercising and prevent injury.

For safety reasons, please do not bring bags into the Gym area. Lockers are available within the changing rooms, so that you are able to lock away your belongings.

Workout Times on C.V. Machines:
To be fair to other users, please restrict yourself to a maximum of twenty minutes at a time whilst using the joggers, steppers, rowers, cross-trainers and bikes. Please ensure that all machinery is wiped down after use, if appropriate.

As you exercise, your body dehydrates, therefore it is essential that fluid is replaced. Water stations are available within the gym for this reason. Please note that food is not permitted within the Gym area.

Warm Up and Cool Down:
The risk of injury is increased by inadequate warm up, so please ensure that you warm up for at least five minutes on the C.V. Machines before you start training. Once your workout is complete, cool down with an easy walk and stretch to prevent muscle injury.

Free Weights:
Please refrain from using free weights until you have had professional instructions. Please ask a member of staff for instruction.

Gym Access:
Please show your Membership Card at Reception when entering the Gym. Please note that Sweat Gymnasium LLP has the right to refuse entry if a valid Membership Card is not shown and verified on arrival. Please ensure that you sign in on arrival and sign out on departure at Reception.

For health and safety reasons, you must complete an induction, including a fitness examination and evaluation with one of our members of staff, before you are able to use Sweat Gymnasium’s facilities.

Mobile Phones:
Please consider other members and do not bring mobile phones into the Gym area.

Sweat Gymnasium LLP operates a no-smoking policy within its grounds.